STARTUP42 — from hackers to founders
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The best tech-B2B startups applying will live an acceleration program, getting challenged every-week, meeting over 40 entrepreneurs, experts and corporates, having access to more than 500k€ in perks and being hosted right on the campus of EPITA.

We do not take equity, and you will not have to pay a rent during your stay. Our goal will be to make you meet potential customers and sign contracts with them. If a successful sale was arranged by us, you'll have to pay an introductory fee.
Every 2 months, depending on your implication, speed of execution and growth, we will assess whether you can continue to be part of the program or not. Don't be afraid to apply "too" early we can see some opportunities you don't

This is the best model you can find out there. We take all the risk of accelerating you.

Do you have what it takes to be selected?
Some random pictures of previous acceleration session:
startups hardware
our hardware alumni
startups elysee
some of our startups with the president
startups alistair
Mentor session with Alistair Croll, author of our favorite book
startups demo day
Trying to be smooth just before the final pitch
startups kickoff
kickoff of the v0.5
startups selfie
hello world