STARTUP42 — from hackers to founders
Here's our manifesto
We are hackers
We believe that good answers come from good questions
We know the goal is to learn
We believe in connections
We invest in teams
We are the average of people we surround ourself with
We trust people
We are humanists
We are always open
We work hard together
We need coffee
We think age is a bad referential
We value quality over quantity
We know 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything
We know startups are hard
We empower good tech
We play fair
We create value
We search for problems
We make things people want
We have a biais towards action
We design, build, market experiences
We take risks
We follow the money
We are hustlers
We are what we measure
We always challenge hypothesis
We value growth over everything else
We love food
We are creative
We know users are always right
We need WiFi
We are curious
We believe good design is as little design as possible
We like a good laugh
We have experts to open our eyes
We have mentors to lead the way
We are a community
We do not fear to be the tallest poppy
We talk to our customers
We act as an anomaly
We are founders